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Slabs and Timbers

We mill and produce our own slabs. Generally, when we get logs that look like they will produce good slabs, we go ahead and mill them. Typically, we leave the edges "live" for those who want that effect, but we can also mill the edges square for those who don't. The species for slabs we normally have on hand include: Elm, Oak, Pine, and Walnut. Other species are obtained on a case basis.

If you have a particular project in mind, we can usually find or make slabs that will fit the bill. Give us a call at 530-888-8191, M-F 8-6 and Sat 8-5 (pacific time) to place your order or get details. We can custom cut to the thickness and width you desire.

Here are some examples of Slabs that we have had or currently have:





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