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There are three types of flooring that look like wood. We carry all of them.  Visit our store here !  

Laminate is not true wood flooring. It is essentially a photographic image of wood grain that is laminated to the surface of a composite backing. Laminate is normally floated on top of an existing substrate. It cannot be refinished.

Engineered is usually a thin veneer of the species on top of plywood like backing. This flooring normally comes fully finished from the factory and can be either nailed to a standard subfloor to glued to a concrete slab. It can usually withstand light refinishing once or twice in its lifetime.

Solid is the true solid wood flooring that is laid down over a standard subfloor and nailed in to place. This flooring can be refinished numerous times (if needed) to always bring back the "new" look.

        Make your floor that special part of your house with Historic Oshkosh Inlay, very exquisite, see it here.

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